Due to Covid19 we have put things on pause. We’ll be pressing play again soon!

SWIM XYZ presents ‘Out of reach (is out of touch)’

SWIM XYZ presents ‘Out of reach (is out of touch)’

265 Well Street, Hackney, E9 6RG

Thursday 14th November, 6:30pm - 10pm

‘Out of reach (is out of touch)’ is a forthcoming film by Nichola Farnan (CC-Steding) and Safiyya Lea which is an examination and disruption of the cinematic codes used to construct intimacy and the on screen sex scene. This is realised through an abstract video work that plays with the anticipation/ satisfaction formula, highlighting and abstracting just-before moments, through the presentation of time and viewpoint. 

The premiere of this work on Thursday 14th November included two live performance of the film, choreographed by Darcy Wallace featuring Lewis Walker, Ethan Jacobs, Sakeema Cook and Pierre (Peter Babbage) and an original live score written and performed by Thom Sonny Green.  Styling included current and archive pieces from SWIM XYZ brands including Hanger and CC-Steding.