Margherita Potenza - Body Cartography Launch


17TH MAY 2019, 6pm - 10pm

SWIM XYZ presented Margherita Potenza’s innovative and enigmatic Body Cartography collection at an in-store installation launch event. This event included items from her iconic Chunky and Fluida collections. The Milanese designer, who lives and works in Amsterdam, was in the store on Friday evening and over the weekend (11am - 7pm) to talk customers through her concepts and process.

Body Cartography - bijoux d’os is an edition of jewellery pieces to be worn directly on the skin. The pieces can be applied to the skin by using body glue, and are removed by cleaning the glue off with alcohol. When purchasing a Body Cartography piece, a small dose of body glue is also provided, together with written instructions.

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